Contract manufacturing by Györgytea


You have probably visited our website because you are looking for a manufacturer of your own branded tea, spice or herbal extract.

Györgytea is a company with 20 years of experience in Hungary.
We rely on many years of experience, phyto-therapeutic knowledge, tradition and modern technology in a natural environment.

We undertake the contract manufacturing of own-brand teas, herbal teas, tea blends, spices, spice blends and aqueous or alcoholic herbal extracts.

We will be happy to help you if you:

want to expand your business with your own branded teas, blends and spices without investing in expensive production facilities.

want to entrust the production of branded teas and spices to experts who offer not only production capacities but also advice.

attach great importance to chemical-free production and strictly controlled production conditions.

About Györgytea

Györgytea has been one of Hungary’s best-known herbal tea brands since 2004. Its name has become synonymous with herbs, centuries-old traditions of folk medicine and care. Our teas promote health in a variety of ways and can be an effective supplement to medical treatments and the prevention of illness.

The founder and namesake, György Szabó aka Uncle George, who was known to everyone only as ‘the Medicine man of the Bükk’, became a legend in his own lifetime; we let his values and legacy live on. His life’s work is continued by his daughter Zsuzsanna Lopes-Szabó as managing director of the family business, which is based in Bükkszentkereszt, a beautiful mountain village.

Uncle George’s wisdom is omnipresent in all areas of life. The tools and dimensions have changed, but the herbs are processed with the same care with which he once collected, dried and packaged the ingredients for herbal teas.

So the tradition is centuries old, but the environment and the machines are ultra-modern.

Facts and figures about our plant in Bükkszentkereszt:

Opened in 2022 | 1666 m2 floor space | 3 halls | 585 m2 logistics hall | 600 m2 processing hall | heat pump heating system


Our certificates:

ISO 22000 certificate

It proves the high quality and safe production of the foods produced in the entire production chain in the Györgytea plant.

Where is Györgytea based?

The headquarters of Györgytea, including the factory, showroom and herb garden, are located 20 kilometres from Miskolc in the Bükk Mountains. Our webshop is accessible from anywhere.

5 Reasons for Györgytea

1., As experts in medicinal herbs, we have gained production experience since 2004 that serves as a reliable guarantee for anyone who has their own branded product manufactured by us.

2., We are actively involved in every phase of the production process and are happy to assist you.

3., We bring our contract brewed teas, spices and extracts to life with the same care as our own teas. And if you need help sourcing ingredients, we make sure they are free from additives and preservatives and use Hungarian herbs wherever possible.

4., Genuine expertise and traditional experience are something that only a few have and that money cannot buy. As the custodian of the legacy of the herbalist Uncle George, Györgytea has the privilege of possessing this knowledge and utilising it for contract manufacturing.

5., Regardless of whether expert colleagues from the region pack your own-brand products or machines are used for filtering, filling or packaging – we treat your product as if it were our own.

Our services

From preparation to processing and packaging, you can entrust us with the complete contract manufacturing of your own

branded teas,
tea blends,
spice blends,
aqueous extracts,
alcoholic extracts.

How can you contact Us?

Please send us an e-mail to
and we will respond to your request within three working days.